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AITD Conference 2023

The AITD Conference 2023 (themed L&D Over the Horizon) invites you to a spectacular face-to-face event for the first time since 2019.
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21-23 June, 2023
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AITD Members: $1400, Non-Members: $1750
AITD Conference 2023
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About The Event

Session 1:

Michelle Ockers from Learning uncut will be presenting a session on "Micro-Credentials: Unlocking workforce potential in a competitive talent landscape"

Embrace micro-credentials as a game changer in today's rapidly changing and competitive talent landscape. Through real world examples, uncover how targeted use of micro-credentials effectively tackles upskilling rescaling and workforce mobility. Grasp the strategic value of micro-credentials to unlock the full potential of your workforce, empowering employees with the in demand skills they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving business environment.

Key takeaways:

  1. The value proposition for micro credentials to individuals and organisations
  2. Insights into real world examples of micro credential implementation in organisations
  3. Practices to leverage micro-credentials to generate business impact and unlock workforce potential


Session 2:

  • Keynote address
  • Session Co-Presenters:
    • Virtual: Nigel Paine, Author & L&D Expert
    • Face-to-face: Michelle Ockers, Learning Uncut

This session will try to convince you that getting into the heart of the business is a critical function for today’s L&D. This means direct engagement and substantial fieldwork, and this can be uncomfortable as you see how staff experience the company on a day to day basis.
We will look at a few case studies of organizations that have successfully integrated the workplace and L&D which has brought new insights and a very different focus.

  1. Stop being an order taker;
  2. Deliver in work and retrieve the insights from work to share them across the whole organization;
  3. Think about organizational learning not just lots of work for the most talented individuals.
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Micro-Credentials: Unlocking workforce potential in a competitive talent landscape

21-23 June, 2023
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Bigger and Closer: The only place to relocate to

9:15am – 10:15am, 22 June 2023