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APAC: Building Learning Culture Program

Join L&D experts, Nigel Paine and Michelle Ockers, to explore the elements that make up a learning culture and identify solutions that will work for your organisation.
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9 Feb - 6 July 2022
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AUD $950+GST
APAC: Building Learning Culture Program
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Take Action to Build a Better Workplace

Ready to influence, shape, and build a learning culture? Our Build Learning Culture Program is designed to help professionals, senior executives, and leaders in learning, organisational development, talent management, HR, digital, transformation, and innovation create change.

Join L&D experts, Nigel Paine and Michelle Ockers, to explore the elements that make up a learning culture and identify solutions that will work for your organisation. Create a customised action plan and confidently begin to implement it, with feedback and support from our L&D experts.

No matter where you are on your journey, this program can help you get started right or accelerate your progress. With a learning culture assessment, four online workshops, a private community, drop-in sessions, support, and resources, you’ll be equipped to help your organisation build a high-performing learning culture.

It’s time to make learning so ingrained in your culture that it becomes your way of life. Click here to learn more about the program.

The program includes these special things:

  • A learning culture self-assessment
  • Five online workshops where we help you unpack your assessment, set your vision, build and implement your action plan
  • Drop-in sessions for additional coaching
  • An electronic copy of Nigel's book Workplace Learning. How to build a culture of continuous employee development
  • An active private online community for at least six months
  • Two individual mentoring sessions

Price AUD $950 plus GST for Australian residents

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Join Our Feb 2022 Cohort

We're delighted that you're ready to book your place on the Building Learning Culture Program. Please click the link below and you'll be directed to Eventbrite to secure your place.
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9th February 1-2.30pm AEDT
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2nd March 10am-12pm AEDT
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16th March 10am-12pm AEDT
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13th April 3-5pm AEST
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6th July 3-5pm AEST
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Who is the Building Learning Culture Program for?

The program is for anyone who wants to create a workplace that wholly engage people, give them a sense of purpose and empower a knowledgeable workforce to contribute in meaningful ways to help their organization thrive. Participants are typically from roles in functions such as Learning and Development, Organization Development, Talent Management, Human Resources/People & culture, Transformation, Innovation. It is also for business leaders who want to take a more hands-on role with leading a learning organization.

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What if I don’t have a project to work on or it isn’t ready yet?

It’s never too early to start working on learning culture, and there’s never ‘too small’ a place to start - even if that’s with your own team. We will support you to identify the target area for your learning culture self-assessment and define your own project to roll up your sleeves and get underway.

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I’ve started with my Learning Culture strategy, but I’ve stalled. Will this program help?

Absolutely. The self-assessment will help you take stock of your current environment, identify the key challenges that need to be addressed and where you have made progress that you can leverage. We will support you to identify practical steps to address challenges and regain momentum.

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How can I be sure this will be relevant to my organisation and individual situation?

The program is not cookie-cutter. We customise delivery to your context and current situation. We take time to learn about your organisation. We also help you to complete and unpack a self-assessment. Based on this we guide your vision-setting, planning and action to focus on your needs and where you want to go. We also include individual mentoring sessions for closer support.

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How much time will I need to commit to the Program?

There are five live sessions, with the first four spread over a period of nine weeks and the final one three months later. The first session is 90 minutes and all others are two hours. To get the most out of the program allow approximately 2 hours per week for practical activities that you undertake in your workplace between sessions in the first nine weeks. We also provide a range of resources and case studies in the private network for further exploration, so you may want to allocate additional time to explore these.

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When are live sessions held?

We want to support people all around the world to build learning culture. For each cohort we pick a geographic region(s) and schedule live sessions to best suit people living in that area.

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What if I’m unable to attend a session?

We record every session and make it available to participants for one week. The sessions are very interactive, with participants presenting and discussing their progress, and sharing their experience. Trust and confidentiality are critical in our community,* which is why recordings are available for a limited period.

* The program respects the Chatham House rule which means that participants are free to use the information received, but reveal the identify or affiliation of other participants.

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How many participants will be in the Program?

To ensure that we can provide close support to every participant in the context of their organisation we cap the number of participants per cohort at 24.

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