L&D Success Metrics Template

Success Metrics Template

The L&D strategy success metrics template will help you define the desired benefits of your strategy, determine if your strategy is on track to produce intended results and adjust to increase impact. The template can also be used at a tactical level to define metrics for a specific learning solution.
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Success Metrics Template
Business Benefits Icon

Business Benefits

Identify business benefits that your strategy or solution will help your organisation to achieve.
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Business Value

Identify business results that will indicate achievement of the intended business benefits.
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Learning Value

Identify learning metrics that should affect the business value you're trying to create.

Close the Gap to Business Value

Like many of your L&D peers you probably have high aspirations to create value in your organisation. Yet, it may feel like your potential contribution is not fully appreciated and your work is undervalued.  Ironically, business leaders genuinely want your work to create better business value.

How can you close this gap?

Explore a straightforward, powerful framework to identify, measure, and communicate progress on metrics that matter to the business. This framework can be used at both a strategic and tactical level, so is relevant to all L&D professionals.

Success Metrics Template

The Success Metrics Template will help you arrive at a robust set of criteria that link business value to learning value in consultation with key stakeholders.  This sets you up to track, evaluate, adjust and sustain your L&D strategy after implementation.

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