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L&D Strategy Accelerator

L&D Strategy Accelerator

Michelle Ockers, Ravina Bhatia
Why an L&D Strategy Matters An organisational learning strategy is your overarching approach to learning in your organisation; it is aligned with and supports…
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What Our Clients Are Saying

Favorite session at ATD23

This was my favorite session at ATD23! I learned so much and took pages of notes. Thank you for your engagement and thoughtful presentation - it was amazing! I am following you on LinkedIn and only wish I was able to see you present more.
L&D Professional


Phenomenal, one of the best sessions I attended at ATD23.
L&D Professional

Polished and engaging presentation

Great ideas/model that folks can take away and apply immediately. Very polished and engaging presentation.
L&D Professional

Exactly what we were looking for

"We were seeking an L&D expert to share their perspectives with a group of public sector L&D practitioners. We invited Michelle to speak due to her track record in implementing learning strategies in large private sector organisations, such as Coca-Cola Amatil. Michelle’s ability to translate theory into practice, as well as her straight-talking and engaging communication approach, was exactly what we were looking for."
- Diane Hickman
Australian Public Service Commission

Informative and inspiring presentation

"Michelle delivered a keynote presentation at the launch event of NSW Department of Trade and Investment Knowledge Co-op. She gave an informative and inspiring presentation on Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), which included a demonstration of her own PKM practices. Michelle challenged the Co-op members to take personal responsibility for their own knowledge practices and routine, and to take small steps towards improving these. Ultimately, she provided everyone with a great challenge - how we might best support people to develop their personal and professional knowledge networks and routines as part of their work and learning."
- Matthew Hutchens
NSW Department of Trade and Investment Knowledge Co-Op

Stimulated participants thinking

"Michelle Ockers was the keynote speaker at our Administrative Professionals Conference. The theme of our conference was 'Be Future Ready’. Michelle's presentation stimulated participants thinking as she explored the changes that we are all facing and the future skills we would need. She stressed the importance of all of us taking responsibility for our own learning, rather than relying on our organisation providing it. Her presentation was inspiring, visually stimulating, thought provoking and practical. What I appreciated most was that she tailored her presentation to the brief we gave her, learnt about our organisation and was very generous of her time. I would sincerely recommend Michelle as a keynote presenter."
- Lorraine Denny
Professional & Organisational Development Services, University of Wollongong

Exceptionally well prepared and presented

"Michelle provided a great injection of energy when she facilitated a workshop for our Learning System Coordinators across the country in January of this year. The workshop focused on the development of an induction program, and also introduced the geographically dispersed team to Working Out Loud which they have embraced since the workshop. The workshop was exceptionally well prepared and presented."
- Anna Reid
General Manager

Passionate, professional, and engaging

"Michelle Ockers is a passionate, professional, and engaging subject matter expert in organisational learning and development who generously shared her knowledge and insights on how HR professionals could do to future-proof our learning and development culture in the Tasmanian State Service HR Forum held in Hobart on 27 November 2019. Before the forum, she worked closely with me to ensure that her masterclass aligned with the overall theme but she also proposed different ideas that would make it more interesting and insightful for participants."
- David Chen
Learning Consultant

Very engaging and enthusiastic

I’ve attended multiple events where Michelle presented on particular topics around L&D and I found her to have an exceptional presentation style, very engaging and enthusiastic. Michelle has a vast wealth of knowledge in the industry and is seen as a subject matter expert. Michelle conducted a large amount of research on our agency, our vision and the development frameworks we have in place for our staff, and directly aligned her presentation to suit the audience. This allowed attendees to take away actions that can be used on an ongoing basis to support their development. As an L&D professional myself, I observed the way you facilitated the workshops and presented to the broader audience and took quite a few useful tips that I have since implemented. Looking forward to working with you again in the future!
- Laura Curtis
IP Australia

Well prepared

"Michelle is a professional! She is delightful and was incredibly easy to work with. She was timely with everything and flexible and understanding when things changed (and they did). She was extremely well prepared and brought great ideas to the event. Michelle really helped us stitch it all together. I’m thrilled to know Michelle a little more and look forward to exploring ways we can continue to work together."
- Rosie Cairnes