Create Your L&D Strategy

Use a robust process to develop a contemporary, evidence-informed learning and development strategy that is strongly aligned with your business needs.

Building Agility: Co-Create a Compelling Learning Strategy for an Evolving World

Adopt this tried and tested approach to co-create a strategy that truly taps into the different motivations of your stakeholders and fosters constant learning.

Modernise Your Learning

Use contemporary, engaging, effective approaches to build shared responsibility for learning and enable continuous learning in your workplace.

Enable Learning with Technology

Take an intentional approach to develop your digital learning environment. Consolidate and leverage your shift to the virtual world.

Gain Momentum

Whether your transformation has slowed, stalled or not yet begun, it’s time to plan your next steps to build your L&D strategy - with expert support.
Get an evidence-informed approach, a robust end-to-end process, and the right tools, process, templates, and expert guidance. Develop a contemporary learning strategy that aligns with your business strategy and gets buy-in from your key stakeholders.
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High Impact Learning Starts With Strategy

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Modern learning brings exciting opportunities and challenges for any organisation. A business-first mindset and contemporary approaches can add significant value to your organisation - but many L&D teams face an uphill battle to implement them.
  • How do you ensure that your workforce is job-ready and can perform in a safe and compliant manner?
  • How do you enable upskilling and reskilling at the pace of change?
  • How do you build the thriving learning culture you need to create organisational agility?
  • How do you best use technology to meet your needs?
  • How can you maximise your time, budget, and resources to ensure business impact?
  • How do you move beyond the constraints of your own team’s experience and view of their role?
  • How do you overcome traditional mindsets and resistance to change across your organisation?
Whatever challenges you’re facing, you need a clear plan and pragmatic, expert guidance to move forward and implement an effective learning strategy.
Strategy Builder

Create & Refine Your Plan with L&D Strategy Builder

Learning Uncut has developed a robust end-to-end process for organisations of all sizes to create, implement, and sustain their learning and development strategy. Our L&D Strategy Builder includes a playbook, tools, templates, guidance, and mentoring to help you develop your learning strategy and bring it to life.
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Evaluate the current state of your organisational learning using internal data and best practice insights from external research and case studies
Gain buy-in as you engage key stakeholders to co-create and implement your strategy
Follow a continuous improvement process to evaluate, sustain, and evolve your strategy over time so it remains relevant and effective

Our Process

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4-6 weeks

1. Diagnose

Identify the current state of learning in your organisation. Research your industry, business environment, and workforce. Benchmark against other organisations and analyse your findings.
3-4 weeks

2. Strategise

Develop your strategy, underpinned by operating principles to determine your success criteria. Test this with your stakeholders and iterate.
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6-8 weeks

3. Implement

Test and evaluate your strategy. Co-design an implementation plan, and finalise your business case. Gain approval and implement your strategy.
Strategy Builder Sustain Icon

4. Sustain

Establish your governance framework to maintain and evolve your strategy over time, ensuring it stays aligned with your business. Adopt continuous improvement practices and keep your stakeholders engaged.
What's included

L&D Strategy Builder Inclusions

Processes icon
Playbook containing practical, robust processes
Settings icon
30+ customisable tools and templates
Book icon
Case studies and research that bring the outside in
Reviews icon
Reviews and feedback on all your work and strategy assets
Mentoring icon
Frequent mentoring from Diagnose to Implement stage
Review document icon
Quarterly review during Sustain phase

Transform Your Learning and Development Strategy

Book a free consultation with our organisational learning strategists. We’ll review your situation to offer expert insights and advise if L&D Strategy Builder is right for you.
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Upcoming Events

Want to learn more about creating or implementing your learning strategy? Take a look at the following upcoming events.

L&D Leaders Mastermind

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13 June 2023, Various times (PDT)
Are you an L&D Leader looking to unleash the full potential of learning in your organisation? Do you have significant challenges getting in the way of L&D creating...
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What Our Clients are Saying

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When should I get outside help with my L&D strategy?

It’s never too early or too late to get help with your strategy. Many of our clients work with us because they’ve made a start on their strategy and progress has stalled. Or because they’ve created a multiphased plan to modernise their organisation’s learning and they’re ready to plan the next phase. Expert help can ensure your learning strategy is backed by evidence-informed insights, and real-world experience - with actions that get you to your goals quicker.

Do you offer custom support packages?

Yes. You can customise a flexible support package to work on specific aspects of your learning strategy. Design a package to meet your needs, including a mix of reviews, research, workshops, inspiring presentations, on-call support, and additional mentoring.

Can I add extra support to the L&D Strategy Builder package?

Yes. You can add on extra support, including:

  • Stakeholder presentations delivered by Learning Uncut’s Chief Strategist, Michelle Ockers
  • Learning Culture assessment
  • Facilitation of workshops and stakeholder consultation sessions
  • Preparation of deliverables
  • Capability Development Roadmap for your L&D team

What kinds of organisations do you work with?

No matter the size of your organisation or the industry you’re in, you need a learning strategy. That’s why we work with all kinds of organisations around the globe.


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