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Transform Your Organisational Learning

Achieve your aspirations for learning in your organisation to help you, your people, and your organisation thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Workplaces are Changing

Agility, digitisation, remote work, data analytics, high customer expectations, employee wellbeing, diversity, social responsibility… a lot has changed in a short space of time.

More Demands on L&D

Today’s learning professional must enable performance today, respond quickly to disruption, and prepare a busy workforce for the future.

Aspirations and Resistance are High

Learning professionals want to help their people and organisation seize new opportunities and create business value, but face internal resistance to change.
With outstanding support, your L&D team can achieve their aspirations, overcome resistance, and accelerate your transformation to meet the needs of your organisation and people.
How we help

Organisational Learning Services

Our learning and development experts have the practical solutions you need, no matter your organisation’s sector or scale.

Create Your L&D Strategy

Develop and implement a modern organisational learning and development strategy. Our L&D Strategy Builder will take you through a proven process to develop, implement, and sustain your strategy. Get the tools, templates, insight and support you need to succeed.
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Skills Builder

Implement a Skills Development Approach

Enhance employee skills at all levels so that your organisation is positioned to respond to current and future challenges in the workplace. With Learning Uncut’s Skills Builder service, you can implement a robust skills development approach that helps to attract, develop, and grow talent within your organisation.
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Speaking and Workshops

Do you want contemporary, engaging, effective approaches to build shared responsibility for learning and enable continuous learning in your workplace? Learning Uncut’s keynotes, webinars and workshops bring fresh ideas, share relatable examples and provide strategies to shift mindsets and learning practices in your organisation.
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Work With An Experienced L&D Transformation Team

Need expert support with your organisational learning and development, but don’t know where to start? Book a free consultation with our L&D consultants to discuss your challenges. We’ll offer expert insights and recommend the best way forward.
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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Most meaningful piece of work in 14 years"

“This is the most meaningful piece of work that I have seen in the organisation in the last 14 years that I have been here.”
- Head of Underwriting, Global Insurance Provider

"A giant step forward"

“Helpful to discuss others' performance and gaps and subsequent opportunities in their development. This is a giant step forward. Looking forward to seeing it come to life.”
- Senior Leader in an Australian hospitality organisation

"Really liked the structure of the framework"

“Personally, I really liked the structure of the framework itself. The Relationship Manager role is broken down into three clear tiers.”
- Relationship Manager, Australian Financial Planning Organisation

"This [skills] framework project is excellent"

“Since our workshop, I mentioned during our workshop that this framework project is excellent. I liked the outcome and the information the PowerPoint has gathered — as one of the in-venue managers and I know how busy times can get us stuck in operations, we just need to ensure that we have the time to make it happen and get this amazing idea out of the paper. Thanks team!”
- Senior Leader in an Australian hospitality organisation

"Loved the skills assessments"

“Both consultants and the leader loved the skills assessments. They all felt that having clear role expectations/milestones would be valuable to measure progress and development needs; with the learning experiences being easily accessible to meet the skill gaps.”
- Sales Team Member, Australian Retail Bank

"Great to use in development conversations"

“I want to print these [self assessments] off now so I can see how I am tracking. I can use these to see what I can do next. These will be great to use in development conversations”
- People Leader & Skills Builder Participant

"Definitely see benefit in the framework"

“I think this is great and I can relate to a lot of the content and definitely see benefit in the framework. I hope we get the all-clear to roll out and gain further training where I require. I'm interested to be involved further if required”
- Underwriting Manager, Global Insurance Provider

"Helped me in my conversations"

“This would definitely have helped me in my conversations with my leader when I first started.”
- Skills Builder Participant

"Visually striking"

“The skills development toolkit is visually striking and would hold the user's attention as they progress through the self-guided learning.”
- Relationship Manager, Australian Financial Planning Organisation

"Good to have multiple methods"

“Listened to and read The Leader as Coach. It is a great article and I really liked that I could listen to it as well; it was good to have multiple methods to absorb it.”
- Skills Builder Participant

"Would have helped my progression"

“It would have helped my progression in pre-sales — I know what I can and can't do — I know if I am competent in one phase and can further develop.”
- Pre-Sales Team Member, Australian Retail Bank

So far been very productive

“Getting through the Collaboration Education Resources and Exposure – Learn Through Others has so far been very productive with the team.”
- Skills Builder Participant

Showing impressive impact across all focus areas

Learning Uncut supported us to develop, launch and embed a nationally recognised organisational learning strategy which one year on is showing impressive impact across all focus areas and clear progression on the journey to realising our vision.
- Zoe Freeman
Lead Advisor Strategy and Programmes, L&D, Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency

Excellent value for money

Learning Uncut upskilled our project team in research, project management and stakeholder engagement in such a way that team members have adopted these methods to progress other projects. This represented excellent value for money, and an outstanding example of consultants building public sector capability in a sustainable way.
- Diane Hickman
Director, APS Academy, Australian Public Service Commission

Fabulous system with amazing resources

The L&D Strategy Builder is a fabulous system with amazing resources that provide a step-by-step guide to develop a strategy. The experience that Michelle has and the value that we received from the coaching sessions was really great.
- Nicole Mola
L&D Manager, Good Sammy Enterprises

Has been really valuable

The structure of the Strategy Builder process is great. The templates are valuable, but I can’t imagine doing this without Learning Uncut’s expert coaching. Having an external perspective to bounce things off has been really valuable.
- Greg Woulfe
Global L&D Manager, Orica

We found the extra mentoring invaluable

The support I’ve received from Learning Uncut has been unreal. The templates are comprehensive and walk you through step by step, and we feel that we are developing our Learning Strategy at our own, comfortable rate. We’ve also found the extra mentoring invaluable.
- Fiona McSweeney
Senior Manager L&D, Property Development Company

Skilled learning strategist

"Michelle is a fabulous operator and a skilled learning strategist. Michelle was a pleasure to work with. She worked in relationship and in partnership with me to deliver a professional learning series of workshops for a diverse network of L&D practitioners. The Capability program was highly relevant and useful for individual working contexts. There were check-ins and nudges on participants applying what they learnt and overall, it provided opportunities for those old and/or new to their roles, opportunities to connect, network, test new ideas and invest in their own professional learning. Participants had new insights to new models and approaches and were shown different ways of working to improve business value and outcomes. I still draw upon the fabulous resources and information provided by Michelle and many constructs are still resonating."
- Viv Burgess
Department of Premier and Cabinet

"The Capability Roadmap provides people with a tool that allows them to reflect and think about their competence across a broad range of L&D capabilities and make a self-assessment based on their knowledge, skills and experience. This then supports a great conversation with their leader and peers about their strengths and development areas and allows us to compare those to the competencies required in their role; or in a role that they have career aspiration in. Learning uncut are knowledgeable and pragmatic and they provide great guidance and support in both using the LPi tool and in guiding our centre wide approach to development."
- Mark Cooke
Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

"Learning teams truly need to spend time in sharpening the saw (building team capability) in these times of digital disruption and fast-paced business world. Michelle provides a holistic solution which demystifies critical competency needs of the team, aligns change management and value-adds to the team and business overall."
- Melvin Joseph
Assistant General Manager (Digital Learning), Tractor and Farm Equipment

Excellent at making things happen

"Learning Uncut brings strategic understanding. They’re not concerned with tactical trivia, but know what details need to get done to achieve strategic goals. They’re excellent at making things happen."
- L&D Professional

Return on investment is high

"Michelle has deep experience and expertise across the whole range of L&D areas, and a generous spirit of sharing her knowledge with others. We expected her to deliver on her commitment, however she exceeded our expectations. The level of research, detail and tailoring she delivered was far greater than we have come to expect from consultants. The return on investment is high."
- L&D Professional

"Michelle led us through a strategic review using her ‘Capability Roadmap’ service. Her approach forced us to think deeply about our team structure, roles and required skills. Mapping target capability for twelve months into the future was a critical part of the process. There was real value in testing our thinking with the input of Michelle’s experience and insight. She challenged our assumptions and shone a light on aspects of building a future-focussed learning team that we hadn’t considered. Michelle provided an end-to-end process and supporting collateral. This allowed us to confidently engage our team members in self-assessment with manager validation. The transparency, rigour and discipline of the process helped us maintain momentum and effectively execute the review. Michelle’s Capability Roadmap helped our team members to reflect deeply on where the learning profession is heading and how to invest in their own development. Engaging in this process rocks inertia, shifts thinking and creates momentum with building learning capability."
- Debra van Rensburg
Head of Learning Services

Excels at consulting with her stakeholders

Michelle excels at consulting with her stakeholders to develop performance-focussed strategies aligned with the goals of the business. She is respected as an advisor on all matters to do with formal, informal and social learning, as well as related to Communities of Practice, networking and collaborative tools.
- Justine Jardine
Learning Experience Designer

I highly recommend the services of Michelle

"After struggling for months to develop a Project Plan to deliver our training strategy, utilising the resources of another provider, I contacted Michelle via a cold call. From my initial conversation with her, I was impressed by her knowledge, focus and attention to detail. Michelle was incredibly professional and thorough throughout the process. She developed a Project Plan that exceeded our expectations. The result of Michelle’s work has meant that our training strategy now has the detail behind it to move forward in an organised and holistic manner. I highly recommend the services of Michelle with regard to strategic project planning."
- Dominique Brown
HR Manager

Superb listener and a quick study

"Michelle met with our team about the online course we are developing and ways we might provide microlearning opportunities for our learners. She is a superb listener and a quick study. She demonstrated a remarkable ability to dive into an arena new to her and quickly gain her bearings so that she could provide value-added support. We were invigorated by the creativity and expansiveness of her thinking."
- Sarah Rosenthal
Professional Coach

Instrumental in creating the Supply Chain technical (Learning) Academy

Michelle was instrumental in creating the Supply Chain technical (Learning) Academy at Coca-Cola Amatil. She took leadership in developing its L&D strategies, elevated Working out Loud, the effective use of Communities, and spearheaded numerous Capability programs. She is a true leader in strategy, stakeholder management, communication, learning and development. Her dedication, passion for her work and positivity is infectious.
- Vishnu Reddy
National Planning Capability & Optimisation Manager

Providing guidance in strategy development

"Michelle has supported Asahi Beverages in the development of its Supply Chain Academy. Michelle has been both a mentor and external adviser for our Supply Chain Academy Manager, providing guidance in strategy development along with the day to day challenges and opportunities. "
- Anna Reid
General Manager, Asahi Beverages

She has a wealth of knowledge

"Michelle mentored and supported our learning leaders to form an organisational learning strategy; including tactics to shift culture and bring in new learning technologies. She also led a very important piece of work on benchmarking which gave us insights into how to move to a learning organisation. Whilst working with Michelle, I learnt so much - she has a wealth of knowledge and is practical in her approach. I highly recommend her for any organisation looking to boost their learning strategy or refine ways of working."
- Morgaine Sandona
Change Manager, Qantas