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Need to build a high impact L&D function?

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L&D Keynote Speaker and Workshop Presenter Michelle Ockers

Michelle Ockers speaking on stage at AITD

With a contagious commitment to modern learning approaches and high impact L&D strategy, Michelle Ockers combines her unique insight and experience with practical application to provide L&D professionals and their organisations with the tools they need to build a compelling L&D function with significant results.

Michelle’s speaking and presenting style is clear, inclusive, engaging and enthusiastic. She is well-prepared, structured and thoughtful, ensuring that her content is timely, interesting and useful. Michelle has experience speaking at conferences within Australia and abroad, and within organisations to both L&D teams and at broader employee events. No matter what the event or who the audience Michelle directly aligns her presentation to suit the audience and their needs.
“Michelle’s ability to translate theory into practice, as well as her straight-talking and engaging communication approach was exactly what we were looking for”
- Diane Hickman, Australian Public Service Commission
Do you want contemporary, engaging, effective approaches to build shared responsibility for learning and enable continuous learning in your workplace? Whether your transformation has slowed, stalled, ready to take to the next level, or not yet begun, it’s time to build momentum – with expert support.

Through a keynote session or workshop, Learning Uncut will shift mindsets, bring fresh ideas, share relatable examples and provide strategies to transform learning in your organisation.
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Michelle Ockers speaking at ICG

Presentation Options

Learning Uncut creates and delivers keynote sessions and workshops tailored to your needs and goals.

Choose between the following formats:

  • Conference keynote: internal or external conferences (in person or virtual)
  • Webinar: 1-hour online delivery
  • Mini-Workshop: Interactive workshop of 1-2 hours (virtual)
  • Workshop – Half- or full-day workshop (in person)

Ideal Audience

Learning Uncut’s sessions and topics have two groups in mind, collectively meeting the needs of the whole organisation:

  1. L&D Professionals and Teams
  2. Your Workforce

Scroll down to view the specific topics for each group.

L&D Symposium

Topics for Learning and Development Professionals

These sessions are perfect for L&D professionals and teams who aspire to increase the value and impact of their work within their organisation and build their credibility.

Learning Landscape Discovery

The pandemic hit amidst long-terms shifts in technology, globalisation, social responsibility and consumer and workforce expectations. Today we are faced with the additional challenges of global disruption, skills shortages and economic uncertainty. This this creates both significant pressure and opportunities for L&D. Explore the contemporary L&D landscape in this workshop, exploring new possibilities to increase your effectiveness and impact and identifying practices to embrace in your organisation.

Progressive L&D leaders and their teams who want to open their mindset to prepare them to modernise ways of working and increase impact.


  • Clarity on the challenges and opportunities that the changing world of work is creating for L&D in your organisation.
  • An understanding of high value L&D practices and identification of priorities for shifting your practices.
  • An openness and deeper commitment to embracing changes in L&D roles and ways of working.

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Adapt & Thrive: Future Proof L&D

Supporting learning at the pace of business has never been more critical than now. Business leaders expect learning to generate improved performance and organisational agility. At the same time jobs are being reshaped, skill needs are advancing, and the talent market is tight. Organisations need to support people to adapt and learn. These shifts increase demands upon L&D, while opening up new possibilities. Explore how to move from being constrained (busy, overwhelmed, underequipped and stuck) to resourceful (flexible, responsive, focussed, cross-functional and agile).

Progressive L&D leaders and teams who want to rapidly sense and adapt to change in their organisation and it’s environment, working at the speed of business to meet the expectations and needs of their organisation.


  • An awareness of what is constraining your L&D team and limiting your flexibility and responsiveness
  • An actionable understanding of the three levers that build adaptable capability in an L&D team – Mindset, Agile Operations and Skillset
  • An assessment of your current state against these three levers and next steps to move from constrained to resourceful (workshop format only)

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Develop a Compelling, High-Impact Organisational Learning Strategy

In the wake of the pandemic organisations are re-examining business strategies, workforce models, values, and culture. L&D has become more central in helping organisations address significant challenges, while faced with talent disruption and skills shortages. Amid this relentless activity, many have struggled to prioritise developing or refreshing their learning strategy. Yet the deep thinking this requires is essential to effectively make the strategic contribution needed. A well-crafted learning strategy provides a strong framework for L&D to contribute to your organisation’s goals and create value. This is a ‘how to’ session to discover a robust end-to-end process to create a compelling, high impact organisational learning strategy. Brought to life with real-world examples.


L&D Leaders and teams who know it’s time to develop or refresh an organisational learning strategy and are looking for practical approaches and examples to ensure that it is compelling and effective for their organisation, with strong stakeholder buy-in.


  • An approach to understand what your organisation really needs and expects from L&D
  • A robust process to shape a compelling business and workforce value proposition for L&D
  • Steps to craft your learning strategy so that L&D can deliver on this value proposition
  • Real-world case studies and examples

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Topics for Your Workforce

These sessions are perfect for empowering and equipping managers and individuals in an ever-changing world to take charge of their development, remain relevant and collaborate effectively to learning together.

Take Charge of Your Career

The days of a steady, stable careers are over. Organisations have become flatter and more networked. The pace of technology is relentless, making many skills go out of date in only a few years. Jobs are continuously evolving. People change organisations after shorter periods of time, or simultaneously work on contracts across a range of organisations. While organisations still offer a broad range of career opportunities, we need to think and act differently to spot new opportunities and create them. The great news is that in today’s connected world you have more opportunity than ever to take charge of your own career. Take matters into your own hands and equip yourself to navigate an ever-changing landscape.


Professionals who desire to carve out their career by continually adapting, reinventing and reskilling themselves.

Organisations that want to retain and more effectively utilise existing talent by encouraging and equipping their people to develop their career within the organisation.


  • An understanding of the changing career landscape
  • The ability to spot and create new opportunities
  • Two vital practices to super-charge their career
  • An approach to build a personal safety net to face career development with courage and confidence

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Professional Development Planning

Are you clear about your professional direction? Many people don’t look far enough ahead. You may also be unclear about how to leverage and supplement your experience to prepare for a range of possible futures. Like most of us, you’re probably busy and struggle to make time for your professional development. How can you build strong, consistent learning practices and habits that will help you continuously develop yourself and be ready for new opportunities? It’s time to take to control of your future!


Professionals who want to put effective, efficient professional development practices and habits in place to work towards their goals – or to stay abreast of change in their field on an ongoing basis.

Organisations that want to encourage and equip their people to with skills, practices and habits for self-directed learning.


  • Clarity on key career shifts they’d like to make in the coming 2-3 years
  • A professional development goal to support these shifts for the coming 6-12 months
  • A flexible plan to work on their development goal using contemporary approaches fit for the connected digital era
  • A workbook with questions and activities that can be used to refresh your goals and development plan at any time
  • A strategy to build a continuous development habit

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Learn as You Work

If you’re like most people, you’re motivated to get better at your job and improve your skills to open up new opportunities. However, your working day is full and it can be difficult to get time away from the workplace to do training. Even if you could, it’s hard to find the right course for your needs at a time that suits you. The good news is that you don’t need to wait to be sent on a training course to improve your skills, performance and outcomes. You can take matters into your own hands if you know how to spot and take advantage of opportunities to learn as you work. It’s time to take control of your own learning!

Anyone who are ready to pick up some straightforward, practical ways you can learn as you work and from your work – getting better at your job every day.


  • A clear understanding of how people really learn and improve your skills
  • A set of approaches and tools that you can use easily to learn as you work
  • A practice that you can use to intentionally extract learning from your past and future work experiences
  • A strategy to build a habit of continuously learning from your work

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Engage Your Team to Learn as They Work

You’ve got a lot on your plate as a manager: hitting performance targets with limited resources and budget, keeping your people safe and getting your team to work together well are just the start of the list. You know that all of this is easier if your people have the right skills, can solve problems and flex to respond to issues and unusual events. The good news is that you don’t need to wait to send your people off on a training course to improve you’re their skills, performance, and outcomes. As a manager you have more influence over the development of your people than anyone else – and it can be easier and less time-consuming than you may think.

Team leaders who you keen to continuously improve team performance without a big investment of time and money – through straightforward, practical ways you can help your team learn as they work and from their work.


  • The ability to identify an important goal that is stretching their team’s skills
  • An actionable understanding of how people really improve their skills
  • Practical approaches and tools that you can use easily to help you team get better at their work
  • A plan to immediately put at least one of these approaches in place with your team

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Favorite session at ATD23

This was my favorite session at ATD23! I learned so much and took pages of notes. Thank you for your engagement and thoughtful presentation - it was amazing! I am following you on LinkedIn and only wish I was able to see you present more.
L&D Professional


Phenomenal, one of the best sessions I attended at ATD23.
L&D Professional

Polished and engaging presentation

Great ideas/model that folks can take away and apply immediately. Very polished and engaging presentation.
L&D Professional

Exactly what we were looking for

"We were seeking an L&D expert to share their perspectives with a group of public sector L&D practitioners. We invited Michelle to speak due to her track record in implementing learning strategies in large private sector organisations, such as Coca-Cola Amatil. Michelle’s ability to translate theory into practice, as well as her straight-talking and engaging communication approach, was exactly what we were looking for."
- Diane Hickman
Australian Public Service Commission

Informative and inspiring presentation

"Michelle delivered a keynote presentation at the launch event of NSW Department of Trade and Investment Knowledge Co-op. She gave an informative and inspiring presentation on Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), which included a demonstration of her own PKM practices. Michelle challenged the Co-op members to take personal responsibility for their own knowledge practices and routine, and to take small steps towards improving these. Ultimately, she provided everyone with a great challenge - how we might best support people to develop their personal and professional knowledge networks and routines as part of their work and learning."
- Matthew Hutchens
NSW Department of Trade and Investment Knowledge Co-Op

Stimulated participants thinking

"Michelle Ockers was the keynote speaker at our Administrative Professionals Conference. The theme of our conference was 'Be Future Ready’. Michelle's presentation stimulated participants thinking as she explored the changes that we are all facing and the future skills we would need. She stressed the importance of all of us taking responsibility for our own learning, rather than relying on our organisation providing it. Her presentation was inspiring, visually stimulating, thought provoking and practical. What I appreciated most was that she tailored her presentation to the brief we gave her, learnt about our organisation and was very generous of her time. I would sincerely recommend Michelle as a keynote presenter."
- Lorraine Denny
Professional & Organisational Development Services, University of Wollongong

Exceptionally well prepared and presented

"Michelle provided a great injection of energy when she facilitated a workshop for our Learning System Coordinators across the country in January of this year. The workshop focused on the development of an induction program, and also introduced the geographically dispersed team to Working Out Loud which they have embraced since the workshop. The workshop was exceptionally well prepared and presented."
- Anna Reid
General Manager

Passionate, professional, and engaging

"Michelle Ockers is a passionate, professional, and engaging subject matter expert in organisational learning and development who generously shared her knowledge and insights on how HR professionals could do to future-proof our learning and development culture in the Tasmanian State Service HR Forum held in Hobart on 27 November 2019. Before the forum, she worked closely with me to ensure that her masterclass aligned with the overall theme but she also proposed different ideas that would make it more interesting and insightful for participants."
- David Chen
Learning Consultant

Very engaging and enthusiastic

I’ve attended multiple events where Michelle presented on particular topics around L&D and I found her to have an exceptional presentation style, very engaging and enthusiastic. Michelle has a vast wealth of knowledge in the industry and is seen as a subject matter expert. Michelle conducted a large amount of research on our agency, our vision and the development frameworks we have in place for our staff, and directly aligned her presentation to suit the audience. This allowed attendees to take away actions that can be used on an ongoing basis to support their development. As an L&D professional myself, I observed the way you facilitated the workshops and presented to the broader audience and took quite a few useful tips that I have since implemented. Looking forward to working with you again in the future!
- Laura Curtis
IP Australia

Well prepared

"Michelle is a professional! She is delightful and was incredibly easy to work with. She was timely with everything and flexible and understanding when things changed (and they did). She was extremely well prepared and brought great ideas to the event. Michelle really helped us stitch it all together. I’m thrilled to know Michelle a little more and look forward to exploring ways we can continue to work together."
- Rosie Cairnes