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The Learning Uncut Podcast

Join Michelle Ockers and special guests each week on The Learning Uncut Podcast, a learning and development podcast packed with real conversations, real experiences, and real people. You’ll find tools, inspiration, stories, advice, and ideas for beginner and advanced L&D professionals alike.
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149: Improving performance with an AI coaching bot – Dan Redman

July 16, 2024
41min 45sec
Dan Redman joins Michelle Ockers to discuss the development and implementation of a conversational AI coaching…
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148: L&D in Start-ups and Scale-ups – Dinye Hernanda

July 2, 2024
52min 55sec
Dinye Hernanda joins Michelle Ockers to discuss her experiences as a learning and development professional in…
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Elevate 37: 2024 Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) Conference

June 25, 2024
35mins 59secs
Chemène Sinson and Michelle Ockers recap their experiences at the 2024 Australian Institute of Training and…
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147: Putting Skills to Work at Ericsson – Peter Sheppard

June 18, 2024
44min 00sec
Peter Sheppard discusses Ericsson’s transformation into a skills-based organization and how it has positioned Ericsson to…
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Elevate 36: Fieldwork in L&D

June 11, 2024
23min 31sec
Nigel Paine joins Michelle Ockers to discuss the importance and methodologies of fieldwork in leaning and…
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146: AI in L&D – From Talk to Action – Donald H Taylor and Egle Vinauskaite

June 4, 2024
47min 50sec
In this episode of Learning Uncut, Michelle Ockers is joined by Donald H Taylor and Egle…
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What Our Clients Are Saying

Please don't stop

I asked my L&D WOL Circle, "If they could ever listen to one podcast to maintain and nurture you L&D expertise what would you choose?" All 5 picked Learning Uncut. One said, "I love that the conversations are a mixture of the why and how. I have to persuade myself really hard to listen to anything else and sometimes do so to add variety but tend to go back to Learning Uncut." Please don't stop"
- Miriam Spiedel

I love your faciliation style

"I love your faciliation style in these podcasts. I am beginning to recognise and learn from the way you seek clarification on behalf of your listeners and anticipate the questions they would pose. I am in awe of your distinctive knack for summarising the key points particularly from the more complex or discursive exposition. I have found myself trying to emulate this. Thanks too for making cleaning much less of a chore."
- Helen

Really inspiring

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to this episode during my work commute this morning and finding so much to think about – really inspiring hearing about the approach to performance support."
- Karen

Always find a gem in every episode

"Highly recommend this podcast - Michelle does a great job of bringing out the best with everyone she interview. Always find a gem or two in every episode."
- Exyogi

It’s a super podcast

"I’ve also pretty much listened to all the pre Disruption podcasts too at this stage - on my Covid breakout walks! I’ve found a nugget or three in many of them. It’s a super podcast - great facilitation and production and the approach to the supporting materials is an excellen add-on."
- Edward

Love the work you're doing

Love the work you're doing to accelerate how learning professionals can develop and do greater things for the businesses we support.
- Damien

Lots of sensible and practical ideas

"I listened to this episode yesterday. I would recommend it to anyone unsure of where to start with developing a learning strategy. Lots of sensible and practical ideas. Thanks!"
- Dianne

Absolutely loved listening

"Absolutely loved listening to this super informative Learning Uncut podcast. Megan Power shares how she used video in a marketing style learning campaign."
- Jayne

L&D inspo in your ears

"Want some L&D inspo in your ears this morning? Jump onto the #LearningUncut podcast."
- Jess

Highly recommend

"Highly recommend this Learning Uncut episode with Nicole White. Fascinating case study on truly purposeful use of the podcast format to support learning & empathy for their target audience of time poor medical practitioners."
- Tanya

That was a great podcast

"That was a great podcast. Finding emerging ideas and inspiration outside of L&D industry to provide interaction variety is definitely key to prevent stagnation."
- Adrian

Amazing job

"You guys have done an amazing job in pulling this all together!"
- Nicole

Great performance tools

"Thanks Michelle for producing and sharing. Bruce Love shared some great performance tools alongside his coaching strategies."
- Tanya

An enjoyable listen

"Thanks, this was an enjoyable listen. "Training is for dogs and babies" had me laugh out loud (in a library, unfortunately!)"
- Paul

True brilliance & inspirational

"I took the opportunity to listen to this podcast on the way to work this morning. True brilliance & inspirational."
- Mia

Always look forward to these episodes

"I always look forward to these episodes, but this one has really got me counting down the days."
- Kathryn

Always innovative and transformative

"Outstanding! Can’t wait to listen as these podcasts are always innovative and transformative! Thanks for publishing!"
- Cheryl

Help me reflect on my work practice

"The Learning Uncut podcasts are great. I like the range of guests and topics. The ideas and discussions are contemporary and help me reflect on my work practice."
- Stanley

Great stories and insights

"Some great stories and insights on how L&D in making a difference in businesses performance and learning culture."
- Charles

Loving the case studies being shared. Great show that covers such a wide variety of learning case studies in the workplace. It’s good to hear about these real world examples.
- Cataly
Apple Podcasts Listener

Being back into the L&D space I need to get up to speed quickly. This podcast helps me do that. I started by picking and choosing episodes that I was particularly interested in but then I realised “it’s all good”! So I listen to each one now. Really concise, practical and useable.
- Bill Wallace
Apple Podcasts Listener

The hosts, Michelle Ockers and Karen Moloney are, obviously, skilled and knowledgable L&D practitioners in their own right, so the conversations hit the right notes and I particularly like the regular final question all guests are asked.
- Keith Crellin
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Our guests

What Our Guests are Saying

James Kennedy

"To say I’m happy with the production and Michelle’s interview style is an understatement – thank you so much for the opportunity to have a great conversation!"
Kate Fraser

Kate Fraser

Learning Professional and Voice Artist
"Nice production! Well done! This was fun, thanks for inviting me to be on the podcast."
Joined us on episode 6
Arun Pradhan

Arun Pradhan

Co-founder at
"Intelligent questions from people who are actually interested in the subjects being discussed."
Joined us on episode 70
Jem Mills

Jem Mills

Clinical Practioner at Pathways to Mental Health
"The experience of being a guest on Learning Uncut was pleasurable, enlightening and formative. I would recommend it to any L&D professional looking to both contribute and receive insights into our work."
Joined us on episode 51
Rob Wilkins

Rob Wilkins

Head of Information Services at Catholic Education Diocese
"The sharing of practice and story provides for just as much learning about our own profession as it does when contributing and consuming."
Joined us on episode 11
Denis Meyerson

Denise Meyerson

Founder, CEO, Board Member and Management Consultant
"It's great to be able to share ideas and some 'war' stories with this wonderful community.  Why should we be stuck in the same way of doing things, when we can certainly be innovative and think beyond what we usually develop and deliver."
Joined us on episode 59