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39: Using Human-Centred Design to Transform Learning - Gareth Killeen

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November 12, 2019
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39: Using Human-Centred Design to Transform Learning - Gareth Killeen
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Gareth Killeen was a consultant when he started working on future leadership capabilities for Reece. Using a human centred design approach, he discovered that this was not only about leadership - it was also about learning. The purpose and people at Reece inspired him so much that he joined the organisation as Head of Learning. He describes the process he has used to involve people in design of the new ‘Reece learning blend.’ Along the way he has re-engaged people who had a largely broken experience with formal education with the possibilities for learning and growth.

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Episode 39 Transcript
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A0 Posters used in Reece Design Workshops
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Curated resources on Design Thinking from Catherine Lombardozzi
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The Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model by Wil Thalheimer
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