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38: Business Impact Through Design Thinking – Damien Woods

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October 29, 2019
38: Business Impact Through Design Thinking – Damien Woods
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38: Business Impact Through Design Thinking – Damien Woods
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Show Notes

Since starting in his role as GM of Learning at National Australia Bank (NAB) Damien Woods has set out to transform organisational learning. In this episode he shares a story that illustrates the kind of shifts underway in learning at NAB.
Shortly after starting in this role he visited the NAB Direct Bank Call Centre where he discovered that new starters were in a classroom for 17 days before starting to take customer calls. Using a design thinking approach the learning team redesigned induction. The new blended program reduced the classroom training to just 4 days interspersed with other learning and work activities. The business impact includes a 30% increase in speed to proficiency and 80% reduction in call escalations for new starters. Listen to this episode to hear how this was achieved.

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Episode 38 Transcript
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Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel Pink
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Damien’s LinkedIn article ‘eLearning is Dead. It’s dLearning Now’
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The Value of Balacing (IDEO post)
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