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Refresh or Co-Design Your Skills Development Approach

Learning Uncut’s award-winning Skills Builder service is designed to boost your organisation’s performance in the face of skills shortages and the changing business environment, while empowering your employees to develop their skills — to meet current and future needs.
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Skills Builder – Before You Begin Checklist

Just getting started with your skills development initiative? Make sure you’ve checked off the essentials before you dive in.
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Boost Performance

Cultivate a learning environment that encourages excellence through robust skills tracking and data-driven decision-making.
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Retain Talent

Support your employees to diversify their skills and experience, and enjoy higher job satisfaction, greater internal mobility, and stronger retention.
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Stay Relevant

Attract the best people and empower them to develop the skills needed in their role — keeping your organisation competitive and relevant.
With 91%* of Australian employers struggling with skills shortages and 40%** of workers planning to leave their jobs, organisations must become increasingly proactive towards retention and skills development strategies.
Skill Development

What’s Your Plan for Skill Development?

With the business landscape shifting rapidly, we don’t need to tell you how important career progression and skill development are to your current and future employees. The real question is… what are you going to do about it?

Will you embark on skills building for… critical thinking, leadership, digital, soft skills, communication, management, AI, coaching, or something else? The list of possibilities is endless. The problem is — without a clear plan for skill development, it’s impossible to know what roles or skills to focus on so that you can be strategic and effective.

Every organisation needs a plan for identifying skills gaps, providing meaningful learning and development opportunities, and ensuring employee engagement and motivation.

And that’s where Skills Builder comes in.
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Discover Skills Builder by Learning Uncut

Skills Builder is Learning Uncut’s robust, multifaceted skill development solution for modern organisations. Our approach has been carefully crafted to enhance employee skills at various levels, supporting organisations to respond to current and future challenges in their workplace and industry. 

Skills Builder is a comprehensive end-to-end approach to co-design and implement a skills development plan that will:
  • Help employees identify and bridge their skills gaps
  • Foster a culture of continuous learning that syncs with organisational strategies
  • Give employees and managers a sense of ownership and direction along the way
LearnX Diamond Award Badge

Award-Winning Approach

Learning Uncut’s Skills Builder service took out the Diamond award at LearnX for Best Career Development (2023). This award focuses on a career development project that offers a framework of learning linked to future work options that drive and support talent development.
What's included

Skills Builder Package Inclusions

Skills Framework

Support to refresh or co-design a skills framework based on scope — critical enterprise skills, job families, role-based, or a combination.

Tailored Development

Tailored development approach that applies industry-standard 3E development framework.

Multifaceted Learning

Multifaceted development spanning workplace experiences, peer learning, and formal learning & development.

Tailored Strategy

Tailored implementation strategy that fosters a continuous learning and development culture.


Self-assessments enabling employees and leaders to identify and review current skills and create strategic employee development plans.

Structured Conversations

Structured development conversations that enable skills-based conversations, tailored to your organisation.

Real-Time Data

Access to real-time data for targeting and prioritising skills building.

Skills Builder Toolkit

Customised Skills Builder Toolkit designed to suit your employee work environments.
Why skills builder?

Empower Your Workforce and Transform Your Learning Culture

Skills Builder empowers participants with a clear roadmap for their career development that supports enhanced skills, internal mobility, and a holistic learning approach. The process engages and equips leaders, as they unlock new ways to support their team members to develop and perform. And it transforms the organisations through a culture of continuous learning that cements it as a competitive force in the market.
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The Learning Uncut Skills Builder Process

No matter where you are in your skills journey, this structured, strategic approach will enable you to build skills so that both your employees and your organisation can grow and achieve goals.
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Phase 1

Co-design a Custom Skills Framework

Set a clear purpose for your skills framework. Determine the scope of the skills approach that aligns with your business — this could be enterprise critical skills, job family, or role-based. Next, co-design and review the framework with your teams.
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Phase 2

Implement the Framework

Determine a suitable testing method, plan how your employees will use the skills framework, then test the framework with your employees. Ensure you iterate and adjust the framework based on feedback.
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Phase 3

Develop a Skills Toolkit

Build out your skills toolkit and templates according to your purpose, organisation’s needs, ecosystem, and scope of your skills approach. This skills development toolkit will equip your employees to develop the skills identified in your skills framework.

User Feedback & Engagement for Skills Builder

The data highlights the unique value our Skills Builder service brings to users and teams.
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75% of users

Return to use the toolkit each month
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74% of users

Rated it “Very/Extremely Helpful”
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4 out of 5 stars

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To start the conversation, simply book a 30-minute call with our team. Whether you’re just getting started with your skills journey, or you’re ready to refresh, refine, or implement your skills development strategy… we’d love to help!
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Do you offer custom skills solutions?

Yes. We know that the context of every organisation and its learning needs can vary. We’ll always start with a free consultation to discuss your current and future needs so that we can tailor a learning solution to suit.

What kinds of organisations do you work with?

No matter the size of your organisation or the industry you’re in, you need to continually invest in skills development. That’s why we work with all kinds of organisations around the globe, with clients in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the U.S., and beyond. You don’t need to be in the same geographical location as your Learning Uncut consultant, as all work can be completed remotely. Plus, our Skills Builder process easily scales to teams of all sizes, as well as multiple teams within an enterprise.

How long does Skills Builder take to implement?

Our timing depends on the scale and pace of your organisation — but in general, phase 1 (skills framework) takes around 3-4 weeks to complete, while phase 2 (implementation) can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Finally, phase 3 (skills toolkit) typically takes an additional 4-5 weeks. On top of this, you should expect to revisit the phases from time to time, iterating and adjusting as needed.