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Checklist: Skills Builder – Before you begin

Starting a skills development initiative? Use this checklist to ensure you've covered the essentials before diving in.
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Checklist: Skills Builder – Before you begin
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Go through the checklist to reflect upon your readiness to begin your skills development initiative.
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Identify current strengths your could leverage and gaps you need to close to set your skills development initiative up for success.
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Skills development is non-negotiable in today's competitive landscape, where 91% of Australian employers are wrestling with skills shortages and an alarming 40% of workers are contemplating a job switch.
Source: National Skills Commission and McKinsey & Company

It’s time to Get Moving with Skills Development

In a rapidly evolving workplace, acquiring and nurturing the right skills is more vital than ever before. Skills development is critical to retaining talent and staying competitive.

This checklist is the perfect place to start if you are considering or planning a Skills Development initiative – or if you need to get better traction and results from your current initiative.

Skills Builder Checklist – Before You Begin

In this checklist, you’ll find a list of critical considerations to get in place before you take your next steps with skills development. We cover:

  • 8 critical areas to consider
  • Prompters to reflect on each area
  • An outline of your next steps

Download the checklist to start your review and get the essential foundations in place for your skills development initiative.

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