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83: Deciem’s Wholistic Learning Strategy – Kristina Tsiriotakis

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July 20, 2021
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56min 58sec
83: Deciem’s Wholistic Learning Strategy – Kristina Tsiriotakis
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83: Deciem’s Wholistic Learning Strategy – Kristina Tsiriotakis
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Show Notes

Kristina Tsiriotakis updates us on Deciem’s learning strategy, a balanced approach that is both aligned with organizational performance and embraces the human.  This is a wide-ranging, fascinating conversation that demonstrates how L&D can be the glue in an organization by enabling and supporting learning rather than controlling it.

Episode highlights:

  • How Deciem integrates learning into organizational goals and incorporates individual development goals using an OKR model – resulting in 15,000 goals across 1,300 employees
  • L&D as the glue of the organization at Deciem
  • Why the Communications function is embedded in L&D at Deciem
  • Retail Reboot – engaging retail team members to solve business problems during COVID
  • Personalising learning through ongoing dialogue with managers, supported by technology
  • Showing up and being in practice as central to continuous learning
  • The eight dimensions of wellness addressed in learning and goals
  • Combining data with a mindset of ‘the launch is never over’ to take a dynamic, adaptive approach to enabling learning across the organization
  • How Kristina gains senior leadership buy-in for learning strategy
  • How to reduce the barrier of time for learning
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Episode 83 Transcript
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