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101: Leadership Development for a Different Future – Helen Sedcole

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May 24, 2022
101: Leadership Development for a Different Future – Helen Sedcole
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101: Leadership Development for a Different Future – Helen Sedcole
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Show Notes

Helen Sedcole, the Chief People and Culture officer at Z Energy, discuss how they are approaching leadership and leadership development for a different future. There is no pushing people through standard modules and declaring that they are ‘done.’ Rather leadership development is seen as continuous process that it is part of everyone’s work to take responsibility for and engage with in the context of their work.


It’s timely that I speak with Helen this week as it coincides with the L&D Innovation and Tech Fest in Auckland on 8-9 June 2022. This conference runs alongside the HR Innovation and Tech Fest. One ticket gets you into both. This is a really well curated conference, with several think tanks run every year with People and HR professionals to understand what challenges they face and what they really want to discover and learn about. Helen is one of a number of excellent speakers, many of whom are sharing case studies about experiences and solutions they’ve been undertaking on aspects of that we are grappling with in the People and Capability areas – such as diversity and inclusions, belonging and connection, wellbeing, and leadership.

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Episode 101 Transcript
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Helen Sedcole LinkedIn Profile
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What will the energy sector look like in 2030? Forbes article
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Leadership Skills and Strategies in a VUCA World (note – this is a bonus resource, not one that Helen mentioned in the episode or used in her work)
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Cohort-Based Learning at Scale. Eight Principles for Success. Nomadic Learning eBook
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