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35: Democratising Learning through Curation – Wes Tobin

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September 17, 2019
35: Democratising Learning through Curation – Wes Tobin
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35: Democratising Learning through Curation – Wes Tobin
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“Curation means very different things to a lot of people. Curation is really the art of bringing together different learning assets or resources, to create meaning for people, and for people to find the meaning in that for themselves. If you think about how we traditionally have done things in the past, it’s really around creation, getting people from point A to point B, very instructional. Curation is very different to that; how do you bring together multiple points of view, potentially opposing points of view in order for people to find meaning?”
In this episode, Wes Tobin shares his team’s curation journey at Westpac and how listening to what learners want and giving instructional designers more freedom is changing the way their organisation learns.

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Episode 35 Transcript
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Examples of Westpac curated content packages
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Book: Ready, Set, Curate – 8 Learning experts tell you how, by Ben Betts
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Centre for Modern Workplace Learning: Jane Hart’s website
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