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79: Highly Engaging Blended Virtual Learning – Neil Von Heupt

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May 25, 2021
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48min 11 sec
79: Highly Engaging Blended Virtual Learning – Neil Von Heupt
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79: Highly Engaging Blended Virtual Learning  – Neil Von Heupt
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Show Notes

Neil Von Heupt from the Social Media College encourages us to rethink participant engagement and support in virtual learning programs.  He discusses how this has been achieved in the Social Media marketing Intensive which was a highly commended Blended Learning solution in the Australian Institute of Training and Development’s 2020 Excellence Awards.  The result is a high stakes, high support learning experience.

  • Industry need for a benchmark for social media marketing skills
  • Program evolution over time – from a recognised qualification to an intensive virtual experience
  • Using a wide range of approaches as part of the blended design of the learning experience
  • Creating an experience in the learning environment which replicates the real world experience of social media marketing
  • How spaces and experiences are crafted to generate psychology safety
  • Designing for peer support
  • Providing strong support for participants from helping them to identify whether the program is right for them to facilitator mentoring
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Episode 79 Transcript
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Social Media Marketing Intensive course
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Converting to Virtual, blog post by Neil Von Heupt
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Liberating Structures, more inclusive approaches and techniques to use in meetings and facilitation
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