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Disruption Series: Emotions and Learning Design: What Really Matters – Nick Shackleton-Jones

March 25, 2020
13min 06sec
Disruption Series: Emotions and Learning Design: What Really Matters – Nick Shackleton-Jones

Show Notes

This episode is part of the Learning Uncut Disruption series.  This pop-up daily series aims to equip learning professionals with practical guidance and tips to get started or scale up with practices needed as part of their organisational response to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Nick Shackleton-Jones is the author of How People Learn.  He developed the Affective Context Model as a general theory of how people learn.  In this episode he discusses the role of emotions in learning, going so far as to suggest that emotion is the process behind learning.  In a period of heightened emotion it’s even more important to understand what matters to people – what their concerns really are.  He strongly recommends avoiding content dumping and using resources rather than courses to respond to people’s concerns.

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