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Emergent 22: Emerging Stronger: Taking Bold Action – Adam Harwood

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December 21, 2021
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46min 55sec
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Emergent 22: Emerging Stronger: Taking Bold Action – Adam Harwood
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Exploring strengths that L&D professionals need to take bold action. Laura Overton asks Adam Harwood three big questions:

  • What are the opportunities for L&D professionals who seek to create change and impact?
  • When the going gets tough, what core strengths help L&D professionals to thrive?
  • What can we do to build these strengths?
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Emergent Episode 22 Transcript
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70:20:10 by Charles Jennings & Fuse
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Best of Breed or Unified Solution? You Decide! – By IHRIM Marketing
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The Modern L&D skillset with Adam Harwood ( interview)
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How the Workforce Learns, Degreed - research
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Solve Impact Mysteries Like an L&D Detective, Kevin M Yates - book
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Culture Pioneers, Learning, Adam Harwood- case study
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D&D London – Award-Winning Training at Speed and Scale - case study
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Learning Uncut Emergent Series Ep 12 Connecting the Dots on data for L&D – Trish Uhl and Kevin M. Yates
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