Building Agility: Co-Create a Compelling Learning Strategy for an Evolving World
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Need to shift the mindset or build the skillset of your L&D team?

We can help you adopt a strategic approach to build your team’s capability and close the gap


Make the continuous development of the capability of your L&D team a priority.


Be forward looking and understand what the organisation really needs.


Take your team on a collective discovery process to help them see the possibilities and opportunities.


Identify your team’s most critical gaps and prioritise the skills that most need development.


Create a plan to develop your prioritised skills, keep track of progress, and set up accountability.
L&D teams that proactively build their capability think and work business first; create high impact and business value; are easy to engage and are responsive; work at the pace of business; adopt human-centered practices; and use technology effectively to enable learning.

Upskill or Reskill to Modernise Learning

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How rapidly are you able to engage, develop and deliver effective L&D solutions compared to the speed of business? Does your L&D team have the level of adaptable capability you need to rise to these challenges?

Change is unfolding on a massive scale driven by three main shifts: technology, consumer and workforce expectations, and output.

Today’s L&D team requires a wide range of skills to deliver effective, relevant learning solutions that meet people’s needs and expectations, and create business impact. Yet overall progress on building L&D skills remains too slow; the pace of change is outstripping the pace at which L&D teams are developing their own skills.

At Learning Uncut, we believe that it’s not only possible for you to make the shift and stop the widening skills gap in your L&D team, but to also ensure that your team is effectively equipped to rise to the challenge and turn your organisation’s vision for learning into an organisational reality.

We can help you do just that!
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Capability Discovery

Gain Rapid Insights with the Capability Discovery

This three-step discovery process engages all your L&D team members to support adoption of a contemporary mindset and continuous learning. Together we explore the evolving L&D landscape, and shifts required in L&D perspective and capability. Identify strengths and development needs, and create an action plan. Your team can complete this process in as little as two weeks. It’s the perfect way to get rapid actionable insight before deciding whether to proceed with the Capability Roadmap.
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1 week

Step 1 – Discovery Reflection

Team members complete a short survey that invites them to reflect on team capability using a contemporary set of L&D competencies. The survey gathers data on critical competencies required by the team, collective strengths, priority development needs, and individual development interests. This data is used to stimulate enquiry in the Discovery Workshop.
90 minutes

Step 2 – Team Discovery Workshop

We facilitate an interactive live online workshop to explore changes in the world of work, implications for your L&D team, and your collective mindset and skillset. Together we uncover your team’s capability strengths, opportunities, priority development needs. We also gather input on your team’s learning practices. These insights will inform action planning.
1 Week

Step 3 – Acton Plan

In a one hour working session one of our L&D experts will present and fine tune a capability action plan with you. We will prepare a Capability Discovery Report, including your high-level action plan for you to implement. After reviewing your report you may decide to proceed with the Capability Roadmap Package.

Build Your Team’s L&D Capability and Close the Gap

Book your free consultation with one of our organisational learning strategists. We will review your situation to offer expert insights and advise which of our Capability packages is best for your team.
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What Our Clients Are Saying

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Do you offer custom L&D capability packages?

Yes! While Learning Uncut has robust processes and tools to support L&D capability development, the context of every organisation and L&D function differs. Not only do we adapt processes to suit your needs, we recognise that each L&D team requires a unique structure and mix of skills across the team, including your partner network. We’ll always start with a consultation call to assess your current and future needs, and tailor a solution to fit.

What L&D Frameworks do you use?

We work with a contemporary L&D capability framework with up to 30 competencies across six categories required by modern learning and development teams. These categories are: (1) Strategy (2) Operations (3) Performance & Impact (4) Design & Develop (5) Learning Facilitation, and (6) Learning Support. We can amend or add competencies to customise the framework so that it meets your needs.

What kinds of organisations do you work with?

No matter the size of your organisation or the industry you’re in, you need a capable L&D function. That’s why we work with all kinds of organisations around the globe. The Capability Discovery generally meets the needs of smaller teams, while the Capability Roadmap will scale to teams of all sizes, as well as multiple teams within an enterprise.

Can you support an L&D Community of Practice?

Yes! Whether you call them Communities of Practice, Skills Networks or Professions, we support L&D professionals spread across your organisation or multiple organisations. Our inclusive process allows all community members to review their current skill levels and explore development options. This may include developing generic skill profiles for different role types. Your members are invited to collectively review community skill data and co-create a development plan.

How long does your L&D capability building process take?

The Capability Discovery can be completed within 3-4 weeks, bringing your team along to shift mindset and gain buy-in to change. Following this, we offer further support to implement, manage, evaluate, and sustain your development plan as you build your L&D team’s capability.

Who will deliver the Discovery or Roadmap to my team?

One of Learning Uncut’s L&D experts will deliver your Capability Discovery or Roadmap. Our chief learning strategist, Michelle Ockers, personally delivers this work for many clients. If another of our experts leads your project, Michelle will oversee your capability project, providing guidance and quality assurance.

How is the Capability Discovery delivered?

The Capability Discovery is a facilitated process that explores your capability needs using a survey to gather data. It is analysed in team workshop to identify their high-priority development needs. We then support you to create a high-level action plan.

How is the Capability Roadmap delivered?

The Capability Roadmap looks strategically at the capability your team requires to deliver on your current work plan and achieve your longer-term vision for learning in your organisation.

Your team members are invited to rate their current skill levels against a capability framework that has been customised to meet your needs, and review their rating with their manager. We work with you and your team to analyse your current versus target capability, and develop a plan to leverage strengths and address gaps.

Which is best for me: the Discovery or the Roadmap?

The Capability Discovery generally meets the needs of smaller teams, while the Capability Roadmap will scale to teams of all sizes, as well as multiple teams within an enterprise.

We’ll always start with an initial call to assess your current and future needs, and advise you on which approach will best meet your needs.

Can you support capability building for teams other than L&D?

Our robust processes and tools readily adapt to a wide range of professions and domains. We can use or adapt an existing capability framework (your own or one in the public domain) or create a framework with you.


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