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Change the Story
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Michelle Ockers (Main Host)
Ravina Bhatia (Co-Host)
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As a Learning and Development professional you want your work to make a difference to your organisation and the people who work in and with it. Progressive L&D leaders and teams have high ambitions to create value. Yet too often business leaders cannot articulate the impact of L&D, and reluctance to make time for learning remains a challenge.

What is the story that people currently tell about learning in your organisation? Is it a story that makes you proud? Does it reflect your aspirations for the experience and impact of learning in your organisation?

You have the power to change that story - and with it the story of your organisation’s future.

Join Learning Uncut’s strategy experts, Michelle Ockers and Ravina Bhatia to explore how to rewrite the story by co-creating a clear, compelling value proposition for learning in your organisation. This critical step is often overlooked when developing an organisational learning strategy.

This 50 minute session will explore:

• The story about learning in your organisation
• How a value proposition can help you change this
• Key steps to co-create a value proposition for learning
• Examples of organisations that are changing their story about learning

Learning Uncut is hosting a series of free monthly webinars on learning strategy. Gain insight into evidence-informed approaches and a robust end-to-end process to develop a contemporary learning strategy that aligns with your business strategy and has great stakeholder buy-in. Walk away with actionable insights using best-in-class approaches.