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Podcast Episode

105: Coaching at Kathmandu – Kelly Hopkins

July 19, 2022
60min 39sec

Show Notes

Kelly Hopkins joins us from Kathmandu to discuss how his small L&D team has taken big strides to support learning for their workforce of 1,800 people, many of whom are frontline staff in retail outlets. The most important element of their learning strategy is coaching, which they’ve enabled not only with technology but also with smart analog resources that are easy and effective to use in their retail workplace. Kelly describes what learning looked like when he joined the organisation almost seven years ago and how they’ve patiently and consistently built and embedded coaching into work.

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Michelle Ockers
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Michelle Ockers

An award-winning speaker, Michelle brings decades of learning and development experience as she interviews business leaders and learning professionals to uncover interesting stories, authentic conversations, and new insights.

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