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41: Taking Learning Global – Nikitah Habraken and Jane Earle

December 10, 2019
41: Taking Learning Global – Nikitah Habraken and Jane Earle

Show Notes

ASHM is the Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis, and Sexual Health Medicine, and in this episode we share a story of translation and localization for their learning solution, which at the time of recording has been published in 14 languages across 10 different countries.
“Before these new medications came out, hepatitis C was mostly treated in specialist settings, so in a tertiary hospital. And then because these new treatments were much easier, the side effect profile was way less, there came an opportunity to be able to expand hepatitis C treatment out of tertiary care and into the community setting. So into primary care, into drug and alcohol clinics. Really making it easier for the patient to access treatment. But I guess the gap that we saw was that the clinicians that are working in these services traditionally haven’t had experience with hepatitis C treatment before. So we saw a need to really upskill this workforce.”
Jane and Nikitah talk through their experiences of the logistics of managing this mammoth project, working together in partnership as client and solution provider, co-ordinating a wide range of team members and stakeholders, managing time and budget, selecting the right tools and how strategic partnerships enabled them to get this education into the right hands and help achieve the World Health Organisation goal of eliminating Hepatitis C globally.

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