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48: Launching Learning Engineering at Mars – Trish Uhl & Rachel Horwitz

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March 12, 2020
48: Launching Learning Engineering at Mars – Trish Uhl & Rachel Horwitz
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48: Launching Learning Engineering at Mars – Trish Uhl & Rachel Horwitz
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Show Notes

Mars is the third largest distributor of food in the world – both for people and pets.  They employ over 100,000 associates and have in excess of 140 production sites.  In 2018 they started work on a cross-discipline global initiative to streamline systems process and roles for traceability of products and materials across the supply chain at Mars – from farm to fork.


Rachel Horwtiz led the work across 11 separate colleges at Mars University to collaborate on the learning solution.  Not only did she need to unite the learning teams across a federated model, she also needed to guide them and their stakeholders to work in new ways in an agile project environment.


Trish Uhl was engaged to bring her expertise across a range of disciplines including IT business readiness, performance and learning to create an integrated strategy for learning, change management and communications.  She introduced learning engineering to this program.  We explore what learning engineering is, why it was so well-suited to this initiative, and dig into how human-centred design and data analytics were used in parallel on this project.

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Episode 48 Transcript
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