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Podcast Episode

74: L&D Sentiment 2021: Stories worth a listen – Donald H Taylor

March 15, 2021
49min 03sec
74: L&D Sentiment 2021: Stories worth a listen – Donald H Taylor
Learning Uncut Podcast Episode 74

Show Notes

What’s Hot in L&D in 2021

Since 2014 Donald H Taylor has run an annual one question survey to tap into the sentiment of L&D professionals around the globe.  In late 2020 over 3,100 people from 95 countries answered Don’s question “What will be hot in L&D in 2021.”  Don joins me to explore what the results say about the demands of the pandemic on L&D, and where we are placing our attention.

In addition to discussing the fascinating response to this survey and sharing ideas about what it all means for L&D, we discuss how a topic gets onto the list of options for respondents to choose from.  I give Don a couple of ideas for next year’s survey based on what the Learning Uncut data tells me about the stories that capture the interest of Learning Uncut listeners.

You can download the Global Sentiment Survey report using this link. I’ve also created a Learning Uncut Global Sentiment Survey 2021 listening list to make it easier for you to explore real case studies relevant to each of the 15 topics on the survey.

Episode Highlights

  • How the Global Sentiment Survey (GSS) has been taking the pulse of L&D since 2014. The value of the survey, subject to a number of caveats.
  • A profile of who responds to the GSS. The data cuts Don uses for analysis.
  • How Don chooses the topics on the GSS list for responds to select from. What it means when a topic is removed from the list, and my suggestions for new topics based on Learning Uncut episode downloads.
  • Why Don does not define either the survey question or the list of response options.
  • Why Don likens the GSS to a Rorschach test for people’s presumptions about L&D
  • Why ‘Reskilling and Upskilling,’ a new topic on the list, is ‘explosively hot.’
  • The rebound of interest in social and collaborative learning. Is L&D finally in a position to realise it’s aspirations for social learning?
  • People rally to the familiar in a time of pressure – mobile delivery, coaching and mentoring and performance support.
  • The aspirational is ignored. Are we too busy for it right now?  Or is it being widely used in the background?
  • The sub-group that is paying attention to demonstrating value and consulting more deeply with the business.
  • Don’s views on what makes for a good Learning Uncut story … as well as a conference session.
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Michelle Ockers
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Michelle Ockers

An award-winning speaker, Michelle brings decades of learning and development experience as she interviews business leaders and learning professionals to uncover interesting stories, authentic conversations, and new insights.

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