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75: L&D Cares: Restoring Humanity to Career Development– Brandon Carson, Jennifer Rogers and Elizabeth Lembke

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March 29, 2021
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1hr 4min
75: L&D Cares: Restoring Humanity to Career Development– Brandon Carson, Jennifer Rogers and Elizabeth Lembke
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75: L&D Cares: Restoring Humanity to Career Development– Brandon Carson, Jennifer Rogers and Elizabeth Lembke
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Show Notes

This episode is about an all-volunteer support network for L&D professionals called L&D Cares.  L&D Cares was created in April 2020 to offer a voice of support, unity and caring to those who have experienced job disruption or loss due to the pandemic.  However, the community is open to any L&D professional interested in reframing or reinventing their careers – or who would like to support others to do this.

I’m joined by L&D Cares Founding Director Brandon Carson, along with co-directors Jennifer Rogers and Elizabeth Lembke.  We take a look behind the scenes at the three L&D Cares activity streams which are a coaching cohort, career growth summit and virtual programming.

While L&D Cares is about enabling change one person at a time, they also have a much larger ambition.  They want to change the industry dynamic around career development and talent acquisition.  They are growing an inclusive network of people from a wide range of roles across the industry including recruiters, candidates, HR technology providers and talent researchers to work on this big goal.

I recorded this episode at 5am my time.  It was a joyful start to my day, and I’d like to thank Brandon, Jennifer and Elizabeth for the warmth, compassion and dedication with which they are supporting their L&D colleagues. This is truly a delightful, optimistic and important conversation about much needed industry change.

In addition to listening to this episode, take a look at the L&D Cares website for more information – and consider joining the network either to access support, to offer it or simply be part of making a change in the industry dynamic.

Episode Highlights

  • How the idea for L&D Cares came from a conversation between Brandon and Elliot Masie in response to their anticipation of job displacements due to the pandemic and has grown to a network of over 800 members with a longer term mission.
  • How the coaching cohort program is set up and managed in order to provide career transition support over a three-month period to any L&D professional who needs it.
  • The value of working with both an accredited career coach and the experience of others in cohorts with mixed levels of experience.  The value of peer group accountability, and the hope that comes out of being with other people and not feeling so alone.
  • What’s broken with recruitment and career growth, why it’s soul-sucking process.  How the Career Growth Summit is bringing together the talent acquisition community, candidates, HR technology providers and talent researchers to find ways to make it an enriching and enjoyable process.
  • How technology could actually be leveraged to restore humanity to career development.
  • Wide range of resources being shared for open access on the L&D Cares Youtube channel.
  • L&D Cares aspirations for the future, including keeping the human connection in the industry.
  • Tips for others interested in creating a network or community to support others and make change.  Approaches you could apply in any domain.
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