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90: Creating Customer Impact – Gill McEwen

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November 9, 2021
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45min 19sec
90: Creating Customer Impact – Gill McEwen
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90: Creating Customer Impact – Gill McEwen
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Show Notes

Blackmores Institute educates Blackmore’s customers and consumers about natural health care products, including their own brands. They consistently focus on providing education solutions that create impact for their customers who primarily work in pharmacies. This focus guides what solutions they develop, what approaches they test, how they design solutions and how they measure and evaluate outcomes. Blackmores Institute provides an excellent example of what it looks like when a learning and development team thinks ‘business first.’

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Episode 90 Transcript
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Gill McEwen LinkedIn profile
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Blackmores Institute
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CMEd Certification – example discussed in episode. View structure and microcredentialling
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5 Thinking Habits for a faster, smarter L&D (ebook) by Laura Overton – explore the Business first thinking habit
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Learning Uncut Elevate 03: Performance Consulting – Renata Arreazea. Explore a practitioner’s experience getting started with performance consulting
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