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98: Peer Learning: Working Out Loud – Katharina Krentz & John Stepper

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April 12, 2022
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57min 29sec
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98: Peer Learning: Working Out Loud – Katharina Krentz & John Stepper
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Show Notes

In the wake of the shift to remote working during the pandemic the need to connect and collaborate effectively was amplified. We continue to explore what this looks like in evolving hybrid working models. At the same time there has been a resurgence of interest in social and collaborative learning.

In the 2022 Global Sentiment Survey recently published by Donald H Taylor we saw a global rise in support over the past two years for collaborative and social learning. In light of this I’ve decided to republish an episode about the peer learning approach called Working Out Loud. During the special Learning Uncut Emergent series in 2020 I spoke with John Stepper, the founder of and Katharina Krentz from Bosch about Working Out Loud.

I’ve done a light edit of the original episode to remove some of the context that was very specific to the point we were at with the pandemic in 2020, ensuring that the episode remains relevant.

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Episode 98 Transcript
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