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Building Learning Culture

A learning culture enables an organisation to learn fast, rapidly adjust to external change, and constantly evolve as staff grow and accept new challenges. This expert-designed and facilitated program equips business leaders, L&D teams, and People/HR professionals to build a thriving learning culture through stakeholder engagement and a customised action plan.
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Assess the conditions to promote learning culture in your organisation and identify what needs to shift.
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Develop and implement a practical action plan to build learning culture.
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Increase organisational agility to sense and respond to change on an ongoing basis.
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Create an environment where your people can learn, improve performance, and thrive as they work.
With a strong learning culture, you can build a better workplace that’s equipped to respond to the changing world.
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Keep Up With Change & Create Real Business Results

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Building a learning culture could well be the one indisputable characteristic of organisations that will thrive in the 21st century. It is the key to creating flourishing workplaces that wholly engage people, give them a sense of purpose, and unleash their full human potential.
Why is it more critical now than ever? The world is complex and massive change is occurring on multiple fronts – technology, globalisation, mobility, social structures, consumer demand, and workforce expectations. This requires an unprecedented level of sensitivity and responsiveness to the environment. Adapt quickly or die.

Adaptation demands creativity, new knowledge, and new skills. At the same time, smart business leaders embrace new technologies, like data analytics, automation, and AI. These changes create new tasks and jobs, and bring opportunities to disrupt whole industries.

But fast-moving organisations won’t find the new skills they need from the labour market. Recruitment and training are too slow to respond to disruption. More than ever, high-performance organisations demand greater experimentation, sensemaking, collaboration, and fluid knowledge-sharing from within.

The evidence is clear. Learning culture positively impacts organisational success. It enables you to identify and solve problems quickly. It creates the conditions required to sense and adapt to environmental shifts. It keeps you ahead of your competitors. Learning culture is a strategy that deserves your attention.
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Why Build Learning Culture

With a culture that supports learning, you can:
  • Foster a growth mindset
  • Empower people to take charge of their own learning
  • Improve employee engagement & retention
  • Improve diversity and inclusion
  • Capitalise on your employees’ potential
  • Increase productivity and performance
  • Encourage innovation and creative problem solving
  • Embrace change
  • Build organisational agility
  • Grow your business and impact
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Take Action to Build a Better Workplace

Ready to influence, shape, and build a learning culture? Our Build Learning Culture Program is designed to help professionals, senior executives, and leaders in learning, organisational development, talent management, HR, digital, transformation, and innovation create change.

Join L&D experts, Nigel Paine and Michelle Ockers, to explore the elements that make up a learning culture and identify solutions that will work for your organisation. Create a customised action plan and confidently begin to implement it, with feedback and support from our L&D experts.

No matter where you are on your journey, this program can help you get started right or accelerate your progress. With a learning culture assessment, four online workshops, a private community, drop-in sessions, support, and resources, you’ll be equipped to help your organisation build a high-performing learning culture.

It’s time to make learning so ingrained in your culture that it becomes your way of life. To get started, book a discovery call with Nigel or Michelle.
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Get Support from Leading Practitioners

The program is led by two outstanding practitioners who will share their knowledge and experience to help you create momentum that builds learning culture.

Michelle Ockers
Learning Uncut Founder & Chief Learning Strategist
Award-winning speaker and host of the Learning Uncut Podcast, Michelle brings decades of learning and development experience. Her extensive experience includes building a learning culture at Coca-Cola Amatil and strategic leadership on learning transformation at Qantas. Michelle focuses her time on developing and implementing learning strategies. She also helps L&D professionals learn new skills and shift their mindsets through engaging workshops and presentations.
Nigel Paine

Nigel Paine
Learning Partner
Nigel Paine is a change-focused leader with a worldwide reputation and a unique grasp of media, learning and development in the public, private and academic sectors. Previously he was Head of Learning and Development at the BBC where he built one of the most successful L&D operations in the UK. Co-presenter of Learning Now TV and respected author of three books on workplace learning, Nigel is one of the world’s top experts in corporate learning. Nigel partners with Learning Uncut to deliver Building Learning Culture programs to L&D professionals.

What You Get with this Program

Following our initial kick-off event, you’ll get to join four live online workshops, with plenty of action, implementation, feedback, and support in between.

Kick off

Week 1 - 90 minutes

Session 1

Week 3

Session 2

Week 4

Session 3

Week 5

Session 4

Month 3

Resources & Support


Kick off

Explore the elements of a learning culture, and get started on your learning culture assessment. Discover how to get the most out of the program and meet fellow participants.

Session 1

Unpack your learning culture self-assessment. Identify strengths to leverage and priority gaps to address. Learn from the collective experience of the group and your facilitators.

Session 2

Discover how to engage others to set your learning culture vision so that it’s aligned with your organisation’s context and strategy.

Session 3

Uncover how you can enable and empower people and teams across your organisation to learn continuously. Develop your Learning Culture Action Plan, with all practical steps to start bringing your vision to life.

Session 4

Sustain momentum with building learning culture.
This vitally important journey will never be truly 'done'. It is
not straightforward. It won't always be easy, but it will be extraordinarily impactful and rewarding and it will move the needle in your organisation.

Resources & Support

During the early implementation stages of your plan (and beyond, if you choose), we’ll offer feedback and support through the network and informal drop-ins for 3 months. The program also includes a copy of Nigel’s book, Workplace Learning.

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Not sure if the Building Learning Culture Program is right for you? Book a call with Nigel or Michelle to discuss.
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