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111: Neuroscience, Biopsychology and Leadership Development – Hannah Conkey

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November 8, 2022
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59min 17sec
111: Neuroscience, Biopsychology and Leadership Development – Hannah Conkey
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111: Neuroscience, Biopsychology and Leadership Development – Hannah Conkey
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Show Notes

Following the pandemic, the nature of work and the expectations people have of the workplace and employers have shifted significantly.  In this episode of Learning Uncut, I am joined by Hannah Conkey, the Head of Learning and Organisational Development at the Royal Automotive Club of Victoria – RACV for short. Hannah shares how the RACV have reviewed their Employee Value Proposition, updated leadership development and how her qualification in neuroscience helped to inform their approach.

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Episode 111 Transcript
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Hannah Conkey LinkedIn profile
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Atomic Habits by James Clear
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Huberman Lab – podcast from Andrew Huberman PhD, a neuroscientist and professor at Stanfor Univeristy School of Medicine
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Lex Frdman podcast – Lex Fridman is an AI researcher working on autonomous vehicles, human-robot interaction, and machine learning at MIT
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Neurocapability – Australian organisation utilising breakthroughs in cognitive and social neuroscience to reshape how people work, live and positive interact with others
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