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123: Blended Learning for Onboarding – Matthew Mould, Emma Shirlaw, Simon Dewar

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May 30, 2023
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58min 48sec
123: Blended Learning for Onboarding – Matthew Mould, Emma Shirlaw, Simon Dewar
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123: Blended Learning for Onboarding – Matthew Mould, Emma Shirlaw, Simon Dewar
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Show Notes

In this episode of the Learning Uncut podcast, Matthew Mould and Emma Shirlaw from ANZ Bank and Simon Dewar from BSI eLearning discuss their award-winning onboarding program. The program won the Best Onboarding award and was a runner up in the Best Blended Learning category at the 2022 AITD Excellence Awards. The team redesigned their Branch Banker onboarding program to increase speed to competence and build confidence in their bankers’ ability to apply skills flexibly in a range of customer service interactions. They moved from a heavy reliance on classroom training to a well-scaffolded blended learning program that leveraged both group and self-directed learning. The team also discusses the keys to the program’s success, such as solid design principles and fluid collaboration between ANZ and BSI.

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Learning Uncut Ep 31: Sparking Learning Enablement Part 2 provides example of how self-directed learning practices can be developed through onboarding programs
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