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131: Cultivating Safety for Rail Track Contractors – James Kennedy and Andrew Smith

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September 19, 2023
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52min 23sec
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131: Cultivating Safety for Rail Track Contractors  – James Kennedy and Andrew Smith
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Show Notes

In this episode, James Kennedy, a civil engineer and change practitioner, discusses the contractor safety management program at Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC). He shares how his childhood passion for LEGO sparked his curiosity about how things work and how his team used data to rectify their initial misconceptions and bolster program design. Learn about “Hearts and Minds,” an initiative that creates a personal connection to safety through stories and experiences, and why behavioral change takes time. Andrew Smith, from Area9 Lyceum, also joins James in this insightful discussion.

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Episode 131 Transcript
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ARTC customises learning for contractor safety (article)
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Change Synergy website – provider of the people-centred change management course that James Kennedy completed
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Designing Training Programs for Behaviour Change by Paul Matthews (Training Industry Article)
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