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43: What Happened Next Pt 1 – Denise, Emma, Nicole

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January 7, 2020
43: What Happened Next Pt 1 – Denise, Emma, Nicole
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43: What Happened Next Pt 1 – Denise, Emma, Nicole
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Show Notes

In this special edition of Learning Uncut we catch up with some of our earlier podcast guests and ask them ‘What Happened Next ….’ We get an update on how the solution discussed in their original episode has continued to develop and what impact it’s had over the longer term. We also explore what our guests learned through this work and how it’s influenced their subsequent work.

We have three great guests in this episode:
Denise Meyerson from Episode 4 about re-thinking learning for customer service (1min 35secs)
Nicole White from Episode 2 about using podcasts for learning (18min 50secs)
Emma Weber from Episode 7 about a learning transfer bot (34mins)

Key themes include the sustainability of learning solutions and things that can undermine long-term viability, the value of experimentation and how solutions can evolve over time if you are open to questioning your assumptions, and the power of story-telling for learning.

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Episode 43 Transcript
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Learning Uncut Episode 2 – Nicole White Podcasts for Learning
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Learning Uncut Episode 4 – Denise Meyerson Rethinking Learning for Customer Service Learning
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Learning Uncut Episode 7 – Emma Weber and Marie Daniels Learning Transfer bot
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Trish Uhl (mentioned by Emma Weber)
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