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44: What Happened Next Pt 2 – Arun Pradhan

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January 21, 2020
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44: What Happened Next Pt 2 – Arun Pradhan
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Show Notes

In this second edition in the What Happened Next Series Arun Pradhan discusses what’s happened with the Learn2Learn app and his work on organisational learning agility since he spoke with us in Episode 18 (published January 2019). Arun’s experience in 2019 is that a campaign approach is critical to building learning ability, regardless of the technology used. This approach has to be based on connecting with what people care about and focus on – which is doing their job better. Arun is an in-demand speaker at Australian learning conferences. Several of our Learning Uncut guests have nominated him as one of favourite ‘learning resources’ – you’re bound to gain insights whenever you listen to Arun, as this conversation illustrates.

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Episode 44 Transcript
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Learn2Learn app
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Arun Pradhan’s website
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Learning Agility: Citi's campaign for continuous learning
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Beyond the art of nudging – Arun’s presentation at the 2019 Australian Institute of Training and Development national conference
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The Rise of Learning Technology Ecosystems - RedThread research report
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The Great Mental Models Project - Farnam Street
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