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Disruption Series: Learning Myths and Good Practice – Clark Quinn

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April 3, 2020
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22min 48sec
Disruption Series: Learning Myths and Good Practice – Clark Quinn
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Disruption Series: Learning Myths and Good Practice – Clark Quinn
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Show Notes

This episode is part of the Learning Uncut Disruption series.  This pop-up daily series aims to equip learning professionals with practical guidance and tips to get started or scale up with practices needed as part of their organisational response to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Clark Quinn has a Ph.D. in applied cognitive science and deep experience in learning system design and learning technology.  His book Debunking Learning Myths challenges a wide range of common myths and misconceptions that are traps for the unwary learning professional.  In this episode we discuss why myths perpetuate, look at what the evidence says about some common myths and practical tips for how to think and work in a more evidence-informed way.  Be sure to check out the resources page in the show notes as Clark has done the heavy lifting and put together a list of reputable ‘learning science translators’ to keep you informed.

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Episode M Transcript
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Debunking Learning Myths by Clark Quinn
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Resources Page on Debunking Learning Myths Site – Clark’s recommended resources including a list of people to follow and sites to visit to improve your evidence-informed practice
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Design for How People Learn by Julie Dirksen
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