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Elevate 12: 5 Moments of Need

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September 21, 2021
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10min 56sec
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Elevate 12: 5 Moments of Need
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How learning and development professionals can elevate their practice and impact using the 5 Moments of Need framework from Conrad Gottfredson and Bob Mosher.

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The 5 Moments of Need website (includes case studies and community)
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The 5 Moments of Need YouTube channel
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Implementing the 5 Moments of Need Model Using Performance Support (article)
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Conrad Gottfredson on Meeting Moments of Learning Needs (article)
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Learning Uncut Episode 66: Resource-Led Learning Strategy – Sebastian Tindall
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Michelle Ockers
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Michelle Ockers

An award-winning speaker, Michelle brings decades of learning and development experience as she interviews business leaders and learning professionals to uncover interesting stories, authentic conversations, and new insights.
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