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Elevate 32: Ready, Set, Upskill Recommendations – Practitioner Perspective

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April 16, 2024
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24min 3sec
Elevate 32: Ready, Set, Upskill Recommendations – Practitioner Perspective
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Elevate 32: Ready, Set, Upskill Recommendations – Practitioner Perspective
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Show Notes

Learning Uncut’s Chief Learning Strategist, Michelle Ockers, provides a practitioner’s perspective on the first three recommendations for maximising your training spend in the Ready, Set, Upskill Research Report. This episode follows on from Elevate 31- Ready, Set, Upskill Research Report. The report was released in March 2024 and provides a snapshot of the Australian skills landscape for employers, which also includes the voice of employees.

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Ready, Set, Upskill: Maximising the ROI of skills and training (RMIT Online and Deloitte Access Economics research report)
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Learning Uncut Elevate 22: Skills Development Elements – Multifaceted Development Approaches
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Measuring the Business Impact of Learning 2023 (Watershed and GP Strategies Report)
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Performance Focused Learner Surveys by Will Thalheimer (book)
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'The Skills Odyssey’ - Red Thread Research Podcast Series
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Michelle Ockers
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Michelle Ockers

An award-winning speaker, Michelle brings decades of learning and development experience as she interviews business leaders and learning professionals to uncover interesting stories, authentic conversations, and new insights.
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