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Emergent Series: Accelerating Learning from Failure – Brian Murphy & Jeff Mariola

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August 6, 2020
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Emergent Series: Accelerating Learning from Failure – Brian Murphy &  Jeff Mariola
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This episode is part of the Learning Uncut Emergent series where we talk about rapidly changing business models, and how Learning and Development can support organisations to adapt.  Exploring how learning professionals can emerge from disruption as relevant and effective.


We know learning from failure is anything but straightforward. In October 2019 a Fast Company article, Learning from Failure article, discussed then practice in startup companies of writing a failure postmortem upon closing down. Essentially they share what went wrong with the greater community. There appears to be huge pressure to keep up the facade of success when, in fact, things are falling apart around them. 


What then can the L&D industry do to take the concept of “learning from failure” and use itas a construct for organizational success? Jeff Mariola from Mariola Unlimited and Brian Murphy from AstraZeneca discuss key strategies and tactics for learning from the past and applying lessons for current and future success.

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Emergent Episode 09 Transcript
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