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Elevate 24: Skills Development – End-to-End Process

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December 5, 2023
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30min 49sec
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Elevate 24: Skills Development – End-to-End Process
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Show Notes

Continuing their series on skills development, Ravina Bhatia and Michelle Ockers walk through the three-stage Learning Uncut process for skills development: (1) co-design a custom skills framework (2) implement the framework (3) develop a skills toolkit. They outline the key tasks in each phase and link them back to the elements of skills building previously covered in this Skills Development series.

This is the sixth in our Learning Uncut Elevate series on Skills Development. Additional episodes published fortnightly.

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Navigating the Skills Crisis: The Talent Paradox: Part 1 by Ravina Bhatia (Blog post)
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Checklist: Skills Development – Before You Begin. Use this checklist to ensure you've covered the essentials before diving into your skills development initiative.
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Introduction to Skills Development webinar recording
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